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Looks like Old, Retro Motor is Wanted

"The retro sports character is a consumer who wants a male motorcycle"

Michael C. Tanadhi, Deputy Sales and Promotion Manager, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia's Marketing Division (KMI), makes sure that the decision to offer a motorcycle with a retro concept is the right choice for those who want to be different or nostalgic of the old. motorcycle style but with engine conditions that do not undermine.

Kawasaki is a manufacturer who wants to read the market gap.

At the end of last year, the manufacturer wearing the "K" marketed the Kawasaki W175 retro sports motorcycle. The Kawasaki W175 is not their first retro bike, there was previously the Kawasaki Estrella 250 and Kawasaki W800 with respective prices of Rp 72 million and Rp 250 million. Kawasaki tried to fill a RP. A $ 30 million market niche for the Kawasaki W175, which was based on a 177cc SOHC engine with a carburetor system. The reason why Kawasaki pinned a carburetor system to make it easier to modify for those who itch.

Offering a retro motorcycle that changes easily in the middle of the trend of personalized culture that soars, it becomes a very effective gesture. According to data from the Indonesian Association of Motorcycle Industry (AISI), more than 8,000 W175 Kawasaki W175 units have been distributed from the factory to the dealer (wholesale trade).

PT Benelli Motor Indonesia - Benelli Motorcycle Agent (APM) is another competitor in this segment. PT BMI director Steven Kentjana Putra says Benelli had already launched a retro-style motorcycle in 2016 with a small-capacity engine, the Benelli Patagonian Eagle.

Benelli Patagonian Eagle - a cruiser-style bike introduced by PT BMI in 2016.

The engine is equipped with a 2 cylinder 250cc SOHC. This appearance is reminiscent of iconic motorcycles such as the Kawasaki KZ 440 or Honda Phantom, appeared in the early 2000s.

They think the retro sports bike market is promising in Indonesia. Benelli then launched other classic style products, namely Benelli Motobi 200 and Motobi 200 Evo. To offset the pace of the Kawasaki W175, Benelli Motobi left 152. Benelli retro bikes were tagged with prizes starting at the RP. 18.9 million for Motobi 152, Rp. 28.8 million for Motobi 200 and Rp. 30.8 million for Motobi 200 Evo and Benelli Patagonian Eagle S at a price of 37.9 million IDR.

"I dare say that we include pioneers who differentiate retro motorcycle products.Two years ago Patagonian (marketed), then Motobi 200, Motobi 152 and new at GIIAS (2018), we launched the Motobi 200 Evo. " Kawasaki) released the W175 last year, but in fact we first released the cruiser (retro bike), "said Steven to Ti rto.

Manufacturers operating in retro engine niches compete for products with unique styles.

The reason is that consumers in the segment want a motorcycle that makes it different or different from the habits, even the center of attention. However, it must also be used at an unusual price.

The old school look and nostalgic taste add to the sales value of retro motorcycles. The price difference of the retro ducks in the 125 cm³ and 150 cm³ classes, for example with duck general public motorcycles having almost the same capacity, the price is still much lower than the retro model. Although traditional engines generally use injection technology.

"Basically, the trend I've seen is that people are used to mainstream motorcycles, so we need productsanti-mainstream.We see four-wheeled Suzuki Jimny re-ignited, the two-wheeled Honda market leader released the Super Baby (125), "said Steven.