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Jose Mourinho has expired

Manchester United advanced to the knockout stages of the 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League after defeating Young Boys 1-0 at Old Trafford on Wednesday (11/28) early in the morning. United's only goal in the match was scored by Marouane Fellaini before the end of the match. He controlled Lukaku's head in the opposing penalty area, and as he turned half, the Belgian kicked in the right corner of the Young Boys goalkeeper.

Moments after the goal, Jose Mourinho slammed the bottle of drink to celebrate and burst with emotion.

At the end of the match, the Portuguese coach also did not forget to perform the ritual he usually did when his team managed to win the match: to congratulate themselves.

"For some of my lovers," Mourinho said with a satire for his critics, "I just want to say what the statistics also say: 14 seasons in the Champions League, 14 seasons have escaped the group stage. I was not in the Champions League, I managed to win the European League. "

Paul Scholes, legend of the Red Devils, accustomed to criticize the performance of United under Mourinho, immediately reacted to the words of Mourinho.

"It's still about me, I won the European League of Champions, I won the European League." "The last time I watched football was a team match," said Scholes.

Critics of the former United United midfielder did not stop there. He then counter-attacked, a way that knew the teams trained by Mourinho. An attack that can make Mourinho's ears red.

"The best teams in the world are playing offensive football, they are applying a lot of pressure to support offensive football, and few teams are playing the same style that he (Mourinho) is playing now, and what he plays seems to have expired."

In the beginning

On March 9, 2004, Jose Mourinho began to get to know the English football crowd eccentrically. At that time, Mourinho took his adoptive children from FC Porto to visit United's home. When Costinha, a Porto player, scored a goal and excelled his team for a while, Mourinho celebrated a day full of hysteria. He got up from the bench, ran, jumping from time to time, and tightened his hands in the air.

A few months after the incident, Mourinho officially became coach of Chelsea. Once again, he did something that surprised the English football public. At his first press conference as coach of Chelsea, he mentioned that he was a "special person".

Although few coaches in England have grumbled because of Mourinho's behavior, the Portuguese coach has managed to respond to a feat. In his first season in England, former translator Bobby Robson immediately brought Chelsea to the Premier League and League Cup titles (currently moving to the EFL Cup).

In his book The Mixer (2017), English football analyst Michael Cox explains how Mourinho led English football. At that time, Chelsea took a rather unique tactical approach. Although playing with a 4-3-3 attack formation, Chelsea actually survived more deeply. Richardo Carvalho and John Terry, the duo of central defenders Chelsea, have never stood very far from Peter Cech, the goalkeeper Chelsea. A little further, Claude Makelele will provide additional protection.

In short: defense is the key.

From case to case, Chelsea will rely on wing players. When Damien Duff and Arjen Robben, Chelsea's main wing, recovered the ball in their own zone, they were ordered to skyrocket immediately towards the opposing goal. From there, the transition became a weapon and the importance of this transition was not understood by most British teams at that time.