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iPhone Xr in the Shadows of a "Cheap" iPhone Failure

During an Apple Events session held at Steve Jobs Theater, California, USA, on September 12th, Apple CEO Tim Cook tasted Apple products. "Apple was created to make computers more personal," he said.

He added that Apple had launched the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, all of which have influenced the lives of modern humans. All of these devices use iOS, Apple's mobile operating system. Cook claims that there are 2 billion iOS-based devices "live" in the world. This operating system continues to be used by alerts of the latest series of Apple products, especially the iPhone, including the latest three iPhone series: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs Max.

"The most sophisticated iPhone we've ever made."

iPhone X and X Max

Tim Cook said he would take the iPhone X to the next level. The next level in question is the release of a new variant of the iPhone X, the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max. iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are two identical iPhone variants. Similar to the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, the same strength but different size.

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max are both equipped with the Apple A12 Bionic SoC. The chip is supposed to be able to perform 5,000 billion computing operations in time per second. Far superior to previous chips, the Apple A11 chip, which can perform 600 billion calculations per second. A chip factor The A12 can make a big leap in computing operations through the use of 7-nanometer technology, which gives the chip the same size but can accommodate a much larger number of transistors.

In the kitchen, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have 4 GB of RAM, supported by a storage medium ranging between 64/256/512 GB. Each smartphone, carrying the concept of the dual camera in the main module of the camera, with a resolution of 12 MP. The main camera is wrapped in Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which allows filming without fear of shaking.

At the front, a notch is fixed. Apple fixes a selfie camera7 MP resolution with a module for the TrueDepth system, such as the infrared camera, the illuminator, the proximity sensor, the ambient light sensor and the spotlight.

The difference between the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max is only the size of the Super AMOLED screen that borders the second part of the smartphone. The iPhone Xs has a 5.8-inch screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 82.9%, while the iPhone Xs Max uses a 6.5-inch screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 84, 4%.

The bet is currently on the iPhone Xr

In addition to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, Apple has also launched the iPhone Xr. The iPhone Xr is a form of "downgrading" two series of iPhone, namely the iPhone X and iPhone X Max. Both use Apple's SoC Bionic A12, but the material used to make the iPhone Xr is different.

In the Verge report, instead of using Super AMOLED, the iPhone Xr uses a screen called Apple "Liquid Retina". The name seems to sound sophisticated, but Retina Liquid is actually an LCD screen widely used in lower middle class smartphones. On the iPhone, Xs and Xs Max have a screen / body ratio of over 80%, while the iPhone Xr is only 79%.

The hardware component that has lost class on the other iPhone Xr is the use of aluminum that covers the smartphone. It's different from the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max that use stainless steel, stainless steel.

In the kitchen track of the iPhone Xr, the RAM is reduced to 3 GB, the size of the storage medium does not exceed 256 GB. In addition, there is no dual camera technology on the iPhone xr. Apple is packing the iPhone Xr by introducing the iPhone 5C, a cheap version of the plastic iPhone.