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Hemorrhoid, Recognize Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

The consumption of fiber sources, such as insufficient fruits and vegetables, can lead to health problems, including hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids swell in the lower anus and rectum, like varicose veins. This is due to the build up of pressure in the rectum that can affect blood flow and cause veins to swell.

Hemorrhoids can be found in the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or develop under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids).

According to mayocline, this disease often occurs in the elderly. This is because the tissue that supports the blood vessels in the rectum and anus weakens and stretches.

"It can also happen when you're pregnant, because the baby's weight puts pressure on the anal area," Mayoclinic wrote.

Hemorrhoids can also cause complications, although rarely. The complications that can occur are anemia. This is due to the lack of healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body's cells.

"Hemorrhoids or the laymen's language of hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoid is a condition of enlargement of the veins.Why can this happen? One of them is due to lifestyle. Do not want to eat vegetables then defecate hard, "said Pondok Hospital Surgeon Indah (RSPI), Dr. Franky Mainza Zulkarnain, reported by Antara.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids appear with the initial signs, including feces that bleed or are bright red, itching or irritation, pain in the anus and swelling around the anus.

Causes of hemorrhoids

According to Web®, the cause of this disease can be tense during defecation. Also do physical activity often, such as lifting a heavy object.

In addition, eating uncontrolled spicy foods (chili) may also be a risk factor for hemorrhoids.

"The hot pepper accelerates the stool, which increases the pressure and widens the veins," Franky said.

Other risk factors for hemorrhoids are pregnancy, squatting or sitting too long on the toilet and old age.

"Then the pregnancy at the mother.The bigger the baby, the lower the pressure, the more the venous return is disturbed.Further factors are constipation, squatting too long and the elderly. bowel movements are not good ",

How to prevent hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be prevented by keeping the stool soft. To prevent hemorrhoids and reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you can perform the following activities:

  • Eat fibrous foods. Herbal foods are a good way to get them: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, nuts and peas.
  • Potable water. This will help to prevent hard stools and constipation, so that the intestines do not work too hard. Fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber, also contain water.
  • Small exercise. Physical activity, like walking half an hour each day, is another way to keep the blood flowing properly.
  • Do not wait to urinate. Go to the bathroom immediately and clean it.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

In addition to the surgery of cutting masses in the anal area, the manipulation of already severe hemorrhoids can also use a laser diode.

"The premise is to reduce hemorrhoidal tissue - hemorrhoids," said Dr. Franky, a specialist surgeon at Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI).

He explained that in this procedure the fiber laser would be inserted into the hemorrhoids and then the hemorrhoids would be deflated using laser energy.

"It does not cut, compared to a less painful cut.The range of pain ranges from 2 to 10 out of 10. The pain occurs only during the stool," he said.

After the hemorrhoid has decreased by 40 to 60%, the laser procedure is over. The perfect reduction will occur spontaneously within 4-8 weeks.

Franky revealed that after the procedure, sometimes the patient's stools bleed, but sometimes only spots appear. This is because the nature of the laser is hot, causing muscle injury.

"If the hunk (mass) usually leaves an excess of skin, look six months later, there are six months of total loss," Franky said.